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5 stars

What's a San Diego beach party without burgers for lunch?

We'll deliver everything you need to cook for your gang! Bring your own food, or let us do the shopping and deliver it for you! Check out our "Food Package" if you want us to do the shopping!

COST is $200 with kayak/SUP package, or $250 a la carte

Grill package includes the following:
Propane grill (30 burger capacity) with side burner
full tank of propane
box of "tools" (see below for details)
serving/prep table
1-2 coolers with ice

"Tool" box includes:
frying pan
sauce pan
6 plastic platters
3 serving bowls
serving utensils
2 cutting boards
2 cutting knives
can opener
hand sanitizer
paper towels
garbage & recycling bins