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La Jolla Sea Caves

La Jolla Caves KayaksTours & Rentals
(858) 454-0111

2164 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037

Great Deals & Special Events

FREQUENT RENTER CARDS: Pre-pay for your rentals and save $BIG$
Universal Card - 10 hours of rentals (SUP, single kayak, or tandem kayak), just $100! (that's $10/hr)
Kayak Card - up to 25 hours (single or tandem) for just $125!
Annual Pass - 12 months of unlimited kayak rental for just $299!

NEW FOR 2016: We're open on Tuesday and Thursday evening until 8pm for rentals at a flat rate of $15/person after 6pm

rental boatsOur beautiful waterfront kayak center on Mission Bay features dockside kayak rentals and unlimited parking so you're in and out FAST. At many other rental companies, you'll spend 30 minutes finding parking and/or have to drag your kayak to the water.

With us, you'll be paddling within minutes of your arrival!

Equipment RentalsDayWeek
Wetsuit $5 $20
Paddle Jackets $5 $20
Soft Car Racks $3 $10

We have the largest selection in San Diego with dozens of models of sit-on-top kayaks, ocean kayaks, recreational kayaks, sea kayaks, surf kayaks, and whitewater kayaks to choose from. We have both single and tandem versions of most categories. We spend many times more on our PFDs, paddles, and other equipment than our competitors in order to give you the best experience possible! We also rent canoes and STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS. Check out our prices and visit our facility and you'll see why we're the best rental value in town!

While we are ideally situated on Mission Bay, you are welcome to car-top a rental to a different location. (Be aware that not all cars are suitable.) In addition, we offer "frequent renter" programs to reward our loyal customers - see details below!

DISCOUNTS: In this economy, it's hard to identify any group that needs or deserves discounts more than any other. Because we respect ALL our customers and believe that healthy, fun activities should be affordable to everyone, we've lowered our prices to the minimum possible while still keeping our own economy viable. We don't inflate our prices so we can offer "half off" deals that only profit giant corporate monsters. Paying cash will always save you a couple of bucks and groups of 10 or more who pay in cash or a single check will save a bit more.  Check out our amazing deals below for pre-paid frequent renter cards - they work out to as little as $5/hour and beat any "groupon deal" you can find!

Visit our new La Jolla location offering sit-on-top kayak rentals and tours!

Rental Rates0 - 1.5 hourseach additional half hourHalf Day (up to 5 hours)Full Day 5 - 24 hoursEach additional day
Single Kayaks $16 $4 $44 $56 $28
Tandem Kayaks and Canoes $22 $4 $55 $62 $31

All kayak rentals include the following (as necessary): paddle, life jacket (PFD), seat back, spray skirt, bilge pump/paddle float, float bags, helmet.

No experience is required to rent sit-on-top or recreational kayaks; however the ability to perform an appropriate self rescue is required to rent a decked sea kayak or whitewater kayak. If you haven't had an appropriate lesson, we offer a number of options to get you paddling safely!

Monthly Pass:

Get unlimited, on-site kayak rentals for one great price! You can use either a single kayak or a tandem for the same great price!

# monthsTotal Priceprice/month
1 $99 $99
3 $149 $50
6 $199 $33
12 $299 $25

The Monthly Pass is good for consecutive months only. The program does NOT apply to any guided Aqua Adventures events, including our Thursday evening Social Paddle. For off-site rental, regular rental rates apply. Your pass is good for any San Diego Kayak Club event that launches at Aqua Adventures. In order to offer these amazing prices, we must adhere to the following: Passes are non-transferable. No refunds, holds, extensions, or credits are possible for 6 and 12 month passes. Reasonable extensions may be possible, under certain circumstances, for 1 and 3 month passes. 

Might buy a kayak? This is a great way to try a lot of different models out!
Purchase a 6 or 12 month pass; if you buy a kayak from us during the first 3 months, we will credit the entire purchase price of the pass towards your purchase price on the kayak! If you buy during months 3-6, we'll credit half the cost of the pass towards the kayak purchase price! No credits given after 6 months.

Frequent Kayak Renter Punch Cards:

Buy 10 kayak rentals (max 2.5 hours/use) for just $125 (plus tax)! That's as little as $5/hour!

Unused hours never expire!

This program does NOT apply to our Thursday evening social paddle or any other guided event. The card may be used for single or tandem kayaks. Only two (2) kayaks may be applied to the card per day. Frequent Renter Punch cards are transferable.

Frequent UNIVERSAL Renter Punch Cards:

Buy 10 hours of rentals for just $100 (plus tax)! Use them for any single kayak, tandem kayak or SUP. Use them all at once with friends, or hour by hour - however you choose!  New for 2016: On Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6 and 8pm, all rentals are debited from your card as 1 hour PER PERSON (rather than per item rented), regardless of the actual time used or item(s) rented.  That means you can paddle for 2 hours for less than $11/person on those evenings!

Unused hours never expire!

This program does NOT apply to our Thursday evening social paddle or any other guided event. Frequent Renter Punch cards are transferable.

Our rental prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego for maintenance and development of Mission Bay Park.

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