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FREQUENT RENTER CARDS: Pre-pay for your rentals and save $BIG$
Universal Card - 10 hours of rentals (SUP, single kayak, or tandem kayak), just $150!
Kayak Card - up to 25 hours (single or tandem) for just $150!
Annual Pass - 12 months of unlimited kayaking for $399

Sea Kayaking 1Sea kayaks are fast, sleek, maneuverable, sea worthy, and FUN!

They can take you places you can't get to in any other way, show you the world from a unique perspective, and get you closer to nature than you ever thought possible. Almost anyone can sea kayak, so join us for an introduction to this wonderful adventure with our expert instructors. Graduates will be qualified to rent decked (sit-inside) sea kayaks in calm, protected water, to participate in many of our guided trips, and to take higher level classes.

Topics include: kayak design and gear, kayaking safety, paddle strokes for propulsion and steering, bracing for capsize prevention, and the all important capsize recovery! We believe in learning by doing, so you'll spend most of your time with a paddle in your hands and your butt in a boat!

No previous kayaking experience is necessary. Reasonable physical fitness and comfort in water will ensure your experience is enjoyable.

Starting TimeDurationPrice
9:00 AM 6 hours (w/short lunch break) $89

Optional wetsuit rental available for $5

Minimum age is 14. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For younger children, we suggest private classes. Give us a call to discuss the options!

Our tour and lesson prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego to maintain and improve Mission Bay Park.

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