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Sea Kayaking BasicsDiscover how fun and easy sea kayaking can be! These kayaks are sleek, fast, and well suited to almost any body of water.  You'll never go back to your sit-on-top!

We'll cover safe and effective techniques for propulsion, steering, and capsize prevention, plus capsize recovery, while focusing on kayaking safety so you can rent sit-inside kayaks and explore independently with confidence. We'll open up a whole new world of fun on the water to help you experience San Diego as never before!

Our instructors are trained by highly certified instructor-trainers so you can be sure you'll get started right. Learning the correct techniques from the beginning will mean more enjoyment, less chance of injury, and lots of fun!

Starting TimeDurationPrice
By appointment only. Reservations must be made 24hrs in advance. 2 hours $99

Optional wetsuit rental available for $5

This class will qualify you to rent decked (closed cockpit or sit-inside) kayaks from us and give you a solid foundation for all your kayaking activities!

Our tour and lesson prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego to maintain and improve Mission Bay Park.

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