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Capsize RecoveryThis is an essential course for anyone wishing to paddle a sit-inside kayak!  If you've been paddling sit-on-tops, or have purchased or wish to purchase a sit-inside kayak, or simply want to be able to rent our fleet of quality touring kayaks, this is the class for you!

We'll learn assisted and solo recovery techniques, proper use of spray skirts, and discuss important safety concepts.

For those who have been paddling sit-on-tops and would like to qualify to rent our closed cockpit (sit-inside) kayaks. We'll teach solo and assisted capsize recovery techniques as well as proper use of a spray skirt.

Prerequisites: some previous kayaking experience

Teacher to student ratio: 1 to 6

Starting TimeDurationPrice
varies 1.5 hours $39

Our tour and lesson prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego to maintain and improve Mission Bay Park.

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