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Kayak RollThe kayak roll is indisputably the best way to recover a kayak from a capsize!

While every whitewater kayaker knows the importance of a kayak roll, it's an important technique for sea kayakers as well! Aside from the tremendous sense of accomplishment you'll get from learning to roll, you'll find that skills like bracing and edging your kayak improve as well. This one technique can provide the confidence you need to push all your skills to the next level!

We teach this skill by appointment in 1 hour increments in Mission Bay. Instructor to student ratio is 1:2 max. Note that while the roll is very easy to perform once you've learned it, it is an extremely complex and difficult skill to master.  It is also fatiguing to learn.  Consequently, many students see the best results with several 1 hour sessions spaced a handful of days apart.

Starting TimeDurationPrice
By appointment in Mission Bay 1 hour $109/person in Mission Bay

Our tour and lesson prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego to maintain and improve Mission Bay Park.

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